Custom Fiberglass and Plastic Production Services

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Our Services:

Custom Fiberglass Production & Repair

Custom Fiberglass Products

Our custom fiberglass services include large and small format design and fabrication, fully manufactured and finished in our facility, and completely quality tested to meet your individual specifications. We have completely satisfied customers in the automotive, marine, airline, architectural, and home improvement industries and are eager to work with new companies with high standards and demanding projects.

Automotive Fiberglass Products

Automotive fiberglass, fiberglass car parts, and fiberglass motorcycle parts are a large part of our specialty fiberglass manufacturing service. Glenmark is the premium custom fiberglass fabricator for a number of custom and reproduction auto, motorcycle, and trike bodies, from consulting and design to production and finishing.

Architectural Fiberglass Products

Architectural fiberglass is experiencing a recent surge in interest due to its efficient and consistent manufacture, and its extreme weather resistance. Custom moldings, columns, and other complex profiles that would prove to be inefficient in wood or plaster are easy and durable in fiberglass.

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